Good Old-Fashioned CD's
For the highest quality by far,
you can buy the actual CD's, which are also available from The downsides of CD's are that it could take about 3-10 days with regular USPS shipping and, unless you get it on sale, you could pay up to to 80% more (once you add in the shipping cost) than the mp3 download. If you are buying 5 or more CD's in one transaction, email here for bulk pricing (be sure to indicate which ones you are interested in, how many, and your location). Thanks

Digital Downloads
The advantages of downloading mp3 files is that they are available immediately and are less expensive. The files can be played on your computer, an ipod, or any other mp3 player. On most systems, if you have your sound turned on, you should be able to hear tracks from the Enchanted Forest CD right now, as well as a slide show of all the CD covers.
You can purchase the mp3's, from any of the CD's, right here:

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MP3 Jerry Marchand - Enchanted Forest
A peaceful, meditative walk through the enchanted forest with Celtic harp, flute and very light real nature sounds; great for healing work.

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