For those grieving over the loss of a pet, Jerry recommends that you visit “I've met more nice people there than anywhere else on the Internet and even in person. You feel safe discussing your feelings with those who have been in the same boat. It's a mutually supportive community to help you get over your loss.” The site was created by Ed Williams, who continues to devote his time as manager of the online community, which includes pet lovers from around the world--Albania to Zimbabwe.

Jerry lost his cat, "Teeny Tiny Bit," who passed away at the age of 15 (May 27, 2009). She was afflicted with Cancer and died in his arms. "I could look into her eyes and see straight to her soul: the love was unconditional even in her last moments. ...I'll never ever forget the way that she looked at me. Pets were put here for a reason, to show us how to love without any pre-conditions, that's their gift." This is what brought the pet shelter work into the foreground. The chat room, message board, and collection of poetry were really hopeful both before and after she died.

Jerry comes out of the place in tears sometimes. “It's something that has to be done, they need to be taken care of. Things happened before and after she died...that changed my life."

Users can put up a memorial, learn about a candle ceremony, and send sympathy cards. It also has an extensive collection of links to resources such as Local Support Groups, telephone support, and other website

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